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Where are your players based?
As of mid October 2020:
What is the gender breakdown of the audience?
As of September 2020
What is the age group?
As of September 2020
What are the top interests from the audience?
Top Affinity Categories:
Media & Entertainment/Gamers,
Media & Entertainment/Movie Lovers,
Media & Entertainment/Music Lovers,
Food & Dining/Cooking Enthusiasts/30 Minute Chefs,
Food & Dining/Fast Food Cravers,
Lifestyles & Hobbies/Pet Lovers,
Shoppers/Value Shoppers,
Media & Entertainment/Light TV Viewers,
Vehicles & Transportation/Auto Enthusiasts
What is the click-through rate like?
In our latest campaign, 12%+ of players clicked on the banner ad. 33%+ players clicked on a CTA button from a video trailer. The percentage changes depending on the ads, but we see similar performance from most campaigns.

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