Battle Tabs — How to Play

Welcome to Battle Tabs — the multiplayer battleships game you play in your browser new tabs. Here is a quick tutorial to get you started.


Your goal is to destroy all of your opponents units by hitting them with your cannon balls before they destroy yours.

Step 1 — Setting Up Your Ships

Battle Tabs — Setting Up the Board

  • Start a new match by clicking on the + button at the lower right corner
  • Position your units by dragging them. You can rotate your unit by clicking on them. Units rotate around their front so make sure there is enough space for they to rotate to, otherwise they won’t rotate
  • You can hit the Randomize button if you want units to be randomly positioned
  • Click on Done to continue

Step 2 — Enter Your ID

  • If this is your very first match, you can enter an ID on the next screen.

Step 3 — Play Matches

Battle Tabs — Gameplay

  • The board on the left shows your board. Here you can see how the hits and misses by the opponents
  • The board on the right corner shows your opponent's board. Their units are hidden from you. When it is your turn, you click on one of the tiles here to fire at that particular tile.
  • The tile turns yellow when you hit something. If you miss, the tile will turn dark green. When you successfully destroy one unit, the tiles below that unit will all turn orange.
  • See all your matches at the bottom. They are represented by your opponents’ avatars. Click on an avatar to see that match.
  • Matches under “Waiting for you” are waiting for you to take your turn
  • Matches under “Waiting for them” are waiting for your opponent to take a turn
  • Everyone has up to 24 hours to take a turn


  • Your matches are saved on the cloud. You can come back to your matches any time you open a new tab
  • You can have one match queueing for an opponent. Once we find you an opponent, the match will start and you can queue up another match to find another opponent
  • Winning and losing matches will earn you different amount of score
  • You can see a history of all the moves in a match by clicking on the "!" button at the top

Quesitons? Feel free to find us on Twitter, Reddit, or send us an email at See you on the Battle Tabs!